Corsair has unveiled the world's first available 128GB DDR4 unbuffered memory kits. Aimed squarely at content creators running memory-hungry applications, the three new kits are available in Corsair's Dominator Platinum Series and Vengeance LPX and lines.

The two Dominator Platinum kits consist of eight 16GB modules. One of the kits is clocked at 2,400MHz with timings of 14-16-16-31 @ 1.2V while the other runs at 2,666MHz at slightly looser timings of 15-17-17-35 @ 1.2V. The Vengeance LPX kit also consists of eight 16GB modules clocked at 14-16-16-31 @ 1.2V.

Corsair describes its Dominator Platinum as its most advanced kits. They use patented DHX (Dual-path Heat eXchange) cooling technology and feature user-swappable colored "light pipes" for those wanting to use them in a themed build. Its Vengeance LPX memory, meanwhile, is designed with overclocking in mind thanks to its aluminum heatspreaders and eight-layer PCB.

Both kits are designed for use on Intel X99 series motherboards and support XMP 2.0 and as with all Corsair kits, they're backed by a lifetime warranty.

As you might imagine, 128GB of high-end DDR4 memory doesn't come cheap. The Vengeance LPX kit will set you back a cool $1,754.99. If it's the Dominator Platinum kit you want, be prepared to spend $1,979.99 for the 2,400MHz kit or $2,119.99 for the 2,666MHz variety.

You can build a solid gaming desktop for these prices but it's nice to know the option is there should you really need this much speedy memory.