Whenever you hear of a security breach, the first thing that comes to mind is stolen passwords, credit card information or more recently, medical information. Rarely do you have to worry about your sexual orientation getting out but that's exactly what has happened with the latest security breach to go public.

One of the most popular Internet dating sites around, AdultFriendFinder, recently suffered a security breach in which personal information on nearly four million members was compromised. Attackers got away with the usual - usernames, e-mail addresses, dates of birth and postal codes - in addition to whether or not a member is straight or gay or whether they're married and seeking some action on the side.

One might argue that information about sexual preference getting out wouldn't be that big of a deal. After all, the person joined the site and let other members know of their sexual preference or extramarital interests. While that may be true, I'm sure there are instances where that information becoming public knowledge wouldn't exactly be ideal.

News of the breach was first reported by UK news agency Channel 4. The site has since confirmed the breach with several other publications.

In its response, AdultFriendFinder said it has reached out to law enforcement as well as high-profile security firm FireEye to help with the investigation. Channel 4 said it stumbled across the information while was investigating the cyber underworld known as the dark web.