Starting today, thousands of select restaurants in New York City and San Francisco will be adding restaurant reviews from food critics to their mobile Facebook Pages.

Facebook is initially partnering with five publications on the experiment: Bon Appetit, Conde Nast Traveler, Eater, New York magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle. Critics from these publications are the type of people that get paid to eat meaning their opinions - especially of higher-end restaurants - are probably more accurate than what you friends might have to say.

Critic reviews will be shown just above user reviews and may include images as well as short snippets about a particular restaurant pulled from the aforementioned publications.

A Facebook spokesperson told The Verge that because reviews are such an important part of helping people make informed decisions about what to do locally, they're excited to be incorporating a new way for people to use Facebook to find the best real-world experiences.

While a useful tool for foodies, the truth of the matter is that critic reviews are just another form of advertising for businesses and part of Facebook's goal of becoming a local search engine of sorts. The social network did note that negative reviews will be shown if provided by a participating publication, however.

The service will also help Facebook compete with Zagat, the restaurant guide that Google purchased back in 2011.