Electric vehicles like those from Tesla present some pretty unique use case scenarios. For example, what would happen to a Model S if a bolt of lightning struck nearby... while you happened to be tethered to a Supercharger recharging station?

Now we have our answer.

Sarah Day found herself in this very situation recently and incredibly enough, she happened to have her dashcam rolling at the time.

As Day tells Teslaratti, she heard a very loud crash and just a second or two later, nine or so errors popped up on the dashboard. Some were warning her about a low charge that would disable select features while others chimed that the car needed to be serviced, the car couldn't be charged and that the 12 volt battery was low.

Once the storm passed, Day got out of the car and realized the charging port wasn't lit up. Interestingly enough, she also wasn't able to remove the charging cable from its port. Tesla dispatched a tow truck but without being able to remove the charging cable, it was of little use.

That's all we know at this time as Day hasn't yet provided an update to the publication or on her YouTube video. She did note, however, that the Tesla support team was excellent and offered to rent her a car and pay for a hotel room (she was out of town at the time).