Logitech unveiled its most advanced wireless mouse ever, the MX Master Wireless Mouse, just a few months ago. We found the MX Master to be an excellent all-around pointer for your desktop but it's probably a bit too large for most mobile applications.

To that end, Logitech is taking many of the same elements that made the MX Master so great and cramming them into a mobile-minded solution it's calling the MX Anywhere 2.

This mobile mouse includes the same Darkfield laser that originally debuted on the MX Performance back in August 2009. Furthermore, it can be paired to either a Windows or Mac computer using the included unifying dongle or via a standard Bluetooth connection. Opting for the latter allows you to pair the mouse with up to three systems at once, selectable via a button on the bottom of the pointer.

Aesthetically speaking, the MX Anywhere 2 isn't quite as exotic as the MX Master and would best be described as a fingertip grip mouse. It does, however, retain the same polygon-like thumb grip of its bigger brother albeit on a smaller scale.

Logitech claims the MX Anywhere 2 can last for up to two months on a single charge (and you can get up to two hours of runtime with just a one minute charge).

If you want Logitech's most advanced portable mouse ever, you'll need to shell out $79.99 for the opportunity. The company says it'll launch sometime this month.