Yahoo has secured exclusive rights to what'll be the first regular season NFL game to air live on the web alongside traditional broadcast methods. Sources familiar with the matter claim Marissa Mayer's company paid at minimum $20 million for the opportunity and that there was at least one other major tech company that made a competitive offer.

Shelling out that much money for a single broadcast may seem outrageous but the deal also gives Yahoo exclusive ad rights for the game. As the first of its kind, there will no doubt be a lot of buzz around the broadcast which could help Yahoo make back its money (and more) via ad sales.

There's no guarantee that Yahoo will come out ahead, however, as the game features two small-market teams and will air live very early in the morning in those markets.

On October 25, fans from around the world can watch the Buffalo Bills take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. Neither team will have the home advantage as the game will be played on a neutral field across the pond in London on a Sunday afternoon (locally).

Unfortunately, fans of either team back in the states will need to set their alarms to catch the contest live as it'll air at 9:30 am on the east coast and 6:30 am pacific.

The game will be free for all to watch across a variety of devices.

Image via Phelan M. Ebenhack, Associated Press