Ever since Marissa Mayer took over as CEO, Yahoo has been streamlining its business to focus on the three main aspects it believes are most important moving forward: search, digital content and communications.

That effort continues today as the company revealed in its second quarter progress report on product prioritization that its Yahoo Maps site and Yahoo Pipes will soon be coming to an end.

Yahoo launched its free mapping service well over a decade ago using technology from Sagent Technology Inc. to replace technology that had been provided by MapQuest. In recent years, the service changed providers again and is currently powered by Nokia's Here Maps.

Yahoo said the Maps website will close at the end of June. The service will, however, remain available in the context of Yahoo search and on several of the company's properties like Flickr.

Elsewhere, the Internet pioneer said it is shutting down Pipes on September 30 which will give developers plenty of time to migrate their data.

Pipes is one of Yahoo's lesser-known but more powerful platforms and is considered by some to be a trailblazer. The service launched in early 2007 as a precursor to IFTTT, allowing users to grab data from the web, manipulate it in all sorts of different ways and output the data in a variety of formats. It uses a simple GUI that eliminates the need for any coding skill.