Finding the right smartphone can be a real chore. Assuming you've dismissed the iPhone and Microsoft's OS, you're still left with literally hundreds of options that all run Android. If you happen to find yourself in this dilemma, Google wants to help.

The search giant has launched a new phone selection tool called Which Phone. It's a simple online tool that asks you a minimum of three questions to try and gauge which handset might be the best fit.

It starts with selecting at least one activity that you want to do with a new phone. Available options include taking photos, listening to music, being productive, gaming, browsing the web and talking, just to name a few. With your first selection, the tool will then ask how often you perform the selected task or how important it is to you.

Rinse and repeat a couple times and you'll be presented with a selection of phones that Google believes are best suited to your needs.

While the tool may point some in the right direction, it's hardly a personalized selection. As The Verge correctly highlights, the tool will more or less always present you with two flagship devices (and often a third) like the Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge, the LG G4 or the Nexus 6.

You can further refine the results to show cheaper handsets but the initial offerings will almost always be flagships. Users can also narrow down results based on carrier and size, an added bonus.