Music discovery is a huge part of today's streaming efforts. In addition to offering up searchable access to a catalog of what is typically 30 million or more tracks, providers feel the need to coax us into finding additional tunes we aren't already familiar with. Curated playlists are often the avenue of choice, like Spotify's new Taste Rewind feature.

The idea behind Taste Rewind is to take a sampling of your favorite artists today to construct a series of five playlists, one for each of the last decade ('00s, '90s, '80s, '70s and '60s).

Taste Rewind has its own website; simply head over and select three artists from a plethora of choices including Skrillex, Paul McCartney, Sia, Lunchmoney Lewis (great name, BTW) and Vance Joy, just to name a few.

Each of my five Rewind playlists was populated with 15 tracks. The UI lets you preview the first track of each decade, add the entire playlist to your account and of course, share playlists on social media.

Your mileage here will vary of course depending on the artists you select as well as other factors like how "into" music you really are and what decade was most influential in shaping your music tastes. I was more or less pleased with the selections Spotify made on my behalf, especially the '90s tracks as that's when I really began to hone in on music as a teen.