Recording and sharing gameplay from a console or PC is immensely popular and relatively easy to pull off. Doing the same with a mobile game? Sure, it's possible, but many apps require you to root your device while others look sketchy at best and cause games to run poorly.

Samsung is now trying its hand at mobile game recording with a new Android app called Game Recorder+.

The app allows players to record clips in 1080p quality and can also capture face-cam commentary using your device's front-facing camera and microphones. On the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, it can even record game audio directly from the source.

Game Recorder+ also includes a feature called "Game Boost" that optimizes the system memory for the best gaming and recording experience. Touch interactions can be recorded as well should you want to share exactly how you toppled a boss or solved a particularly tricky puzzle.

Once a clip has been captured, users can edit it on the spot and upload directly to YouTube. Those in countries without access to YouTube can save gameplay videos locally and upload them manually to the sharing site of their choice.

The only catch is that it only works on the following Samsung devices: Galaxy Note 2 or newer or a Galaxy S4 or newer running Android 4.1 or later. If you meet the criteria and want to try it yourself, head over to the Google Play store or the Galaxy App store to download it free of charge.