Most of us cringe at the idea of a door-to-door salesman but that's the exact angle Sprint is taking with one of its newer promotions. Given its recent expansion, the idea must really be clicking with consumers.

Back in April, Sprint launched a new program called Direct 2 You in which the company will send an employee to your home (or office, or anywhere else) to deliver and help set up your new device. It is designed for those that don't like visiting a mobile provider store (or perhaps you simply don't have time) and those that would prefer to have an expert set up their device.

The rollout started slowly in the Kansas City area, Sprint's hometown. At the time, the carrier said it was aiming to launch roughly 5,000 Sprint Direct 2 You cars in major metropolitan areas by the end of the year.

Making good on that promise, Sprint on Monday announced it has launched the service in four of the nation's largest metropolitan areas: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver. With the expansion, the service is now available in 28 cities across the US including Chicago and Miami.

Sprint said it plans to expand to Detroit, Washington, D.C., Tampa and Dallas early next month.

Have you had a chance to try out Direct 2 You yet? Does such a service even appeal to you? Chime in with your feedback in the comments section below.