Microsoft has announced that Visual Studio 2015 will be available 9 days prior to Windows 10. Along with Visual Studio, .NET Framework 4.6 will be distributed and there'll be an update to Team Foundation Server. Visual Studio 2015 is notoriously adding new development tools for Android and iOS, revealing Microsoft's desire of catering to mobile developers who're not just developing for Windows.

S. Somasegar, Microsoft's vice president of the Development Division, who announced the news, views mobile as a new platform but clearly sees the writing on the wall when it comes to Android and iOS dominating personal computing.

Microsoft's attempt to win over mobile developers with Visual Studio is an obvious move to get their software products better integrated on iOS and Android. Although Microsoft is still pumping resources into Windows Phone, supporting the two most popular mobile platforms is key to keeping the company's services relevant. The Register notes that some mobile development tools in Visual Studio come from third parties, such as Xamarin's compilers for running C# in iOS and Android or Apache Cordova, which lets you run apps made in HTML or JavaScript across platforms.

The adoption rates for Visual Studio 2015 as a mobile development platform should be interesting to see. But Microsoft still has a way to go if it wants to woo developers away from Xcode or Google's Android Developer Studio.

Alongside Visual Studio 2015's updates for mobile development, the software is also adding support for video game coding. Visual Studio 2015 will now back popular game engines like Unreal.

Additionally, Microsoft continues to push Azure, their cloud computing software, by improving its ease of use in Visual Studio. But Microsoft's Azure still lags behind Amazon's Web Services, which reigns as king of the cloud computing industry.

Back in March, Microsoft announced a reformed structure for Visual Studio 2015's product packaging. The main change is Microsoft's combination of their MSDN versions – which is their in-house developer network – of Visual Studio Premium and Visual Studio Ultimate into Visual Studio Enterprise 2015. Microsoft's ambitions for Visual Studio and the coding world in general is exciting, we'll just have to see if it pays off.