We've seen what a .50 caliber bullet can do to an iPhone 6 Plus but have you ever wondered just how many iPhones it'd take to stop a bullet? If you answered "yes" to that question (or you simply despise all things Apple), this video from YouTube user EverythingApplePro should be quite satisfying.

The host lined seven iPhones of varying models (three of Apple's large-screen iPhone 6 Plus, an iPhone 6, an iPhone 6 "clone" and a couple of smaller iPhones (perhaps 5 / 5s models?)) along with a Samsung Galaxy S6 bringing up the rear.

He then proceeds to fire off a Russian AK-74 at close proximity to see just how many handsets the bullet can penetrate. For those curious, the bullet in question can travel a distance of 2,900 feet per second.

Unfortunately, our shooter didn't have access to a high-end slow-motion camera but the results are still quite impressive (and we now know how many iPhones you'd need in your pocket to save your life).

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