It's more bad news for Dimitri Mader, owner of a poplar "warez" forum, as a court has ordered him to pay $12.8 million in damages to a collective of Hollywood studios. That's on top of the $4.4 million award that'll be split between two music groups and Microsoft.

Mader is the founder of Wawa-Mania, a forum with more than two million members that specializes in what Torrent Freak describes as a broad range of "pirate" content. The site was "outed" late last year in the RIAA's list of more than 50 alleged pirate sites it provided to the US government.

The Association Against Audiovisual Piracy went after Mader in 2009 after identifying more than 3,600 movies illegally made available on Wawa-Mania. The case dragged on for several years until this past April when Mader was sentenced to a year in jail and fined 20,000 euros.

The latest damages come as a result of a civil suit filed by several plaintiffs, most of which are major Hollywood studios. Below is a list of each plaintiff and their associated financial awards:

€ 2,725,260 for Twentieth Century Fox Film ($3,015,813)
€ 1,998,849 for Disney Enterprises ($2,211,956)
€ 1,838,401 for Columbia Pictures ($2,034,402)
€ 1,796,027 for Universal City Studios ($1,987,510)
€ 1,618,388 for Paramount Pictures ($1,790,932)
€ 1,224,348 for Warner Bros. ($1,354,881)
€ 434,699 for Tristar Pictures ($481,044)
€ 2,691,670 for SACEM ($2,978,642)
€ 527,675 for SCPP ($583,933)
€ 684,067 for Microsoft ($756,998)
€ 67,395 for Marc Dorcel ($74,580)

Unless Mader has a massive stash of cash he's holding on to, one has to think these awards are moral victories as best. Either way, it's a win for Hollywood studios in the ongoing war against piracy.