Logitech has decided that it's sick of their old, outdated brand, today launching a new look for the company that will supposedly place "design at the core" of its products, while building on its "hertiage as a technology company".

The new look for Logitech starts with a new logo, accompanied by a vibrant color palette that is very reminiscent of Nokia's smartphone line. But that could just be because Logitech has hired Alistair Curtis, Nokia's ex-design chief, to be the company's new Chief Design Officer.

Logitech is also launching a new label for "select products in existing categories", simply called "Logi". It's not quite clear what products will feature the Logi brand, though the company says we should expect some "twists and a few surprises" in new product categories.

The company also says that vibrant colors and simple designs will be a feature of their in-store displays and product packaging, and you'll probably see what they mean when you watch their eyeball-scorching marketing video for the new brand we've attached above.