So here's a new and interesting way for the police to locate fugitives on the lam. Authorities were able to track down two children taken from Colorado to Mexico because one of the abductors was an avid user of Spotify and Netflix.

Peter Barr and Brittany Nunn allegedly abducted Nunn's two children, ages 4 and 6, after Nunn lost a custody battle in Colorado last December. Police were unable to locate any of them when Sheriff's investigator Drew Weber had an interesting idea. He requested a warrant for her Spotify accounts. He was then able to use the information to track the couple down to an IP address in Mexico. Later he pulled information on her Netflix, and other unspecified accounts.

When Nunn received a package in Cabo San Lucas, Weber was able to find the exact location of the fugitives. Investigators actually had their eye on them for a couple months while extradition was worked out with Mexican officials. The children are now home. Nunn and Barr are facing felony charges.

While there are certainly downsides to the always-connected lifestyle, it's interesting to see how law enforcement can use new tools to do their jobs. Something like this may become much more common going forward as so many people have streaming service accounts. It could potentially be used as a method to find almost anybody. If the idea of people being able to find you makes you nervous however, just be aware that it means doing without your favorite tunes.