Drone flying is a wildly fun hobby, but can also be an expensive one. Right now, you can score a flight-ready and fully-loaded Striker Spy HD-Camera Drone for over 60% off its retail price, just $59.99 with code STRIKER10.

As if the rock-bottom price wasn't incentive enough, the hardy Striker drone comes with full surveillance capabilities right out of the box, including an integrated HD camera with built-in shutter stabilization. That means you can shoot up to 30 minutes of sharp aerial footage or nearly 50,000 crystal-clear photos of your high-flying exploits.

If aerobatics are your thing, you'll be pulling loops and 360 flip moves in no time, courtesy of the Striker's finely-calibrated 4.5 channel gyro and four rotating motors. The Striker also has you covered if you're an inexperienced pilot - you get four spare rotor blades to rebuild in the event of a mid-air (or mid-tree or mid-driveway) collision.

The Striker Spy HD-Camera Drone is an entry level quadcopter for the budding drone pilot, or a great addition to your existing arsenal. Head to the TechSpot Store and grab one today.