Take flight with the Striker Spy HD Camera drone

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Jul 22, 2015
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  1. Drone flying is a wildly fun hobby, but can also be an expensive one. Right now, you can score a flight-ready and fully-loaded Striker Spy HD-Camera Drone for over 60% off its retail price, just $59.99 with code STRIKER10.

    As if the rock-bottom price wasn’t incentive enough, the hardy Striker drone comes with full surveillance capabilities right out of the box, including an integrated HD camera with built-in shutter stabilization. That means you can shoot up to 30 minutes of sharp aerial footage or nearly 50,000 crystal-clear photos of your high-flying exploits.

    If aerobatics are your thing, you’ll be pulling loops and 360 flip moves in no time, courtesy of the Striker’s finely-calibrated 4.5 channel gyro and four rotating motors. The Striker also has you covered if you're an inexperienced pilot - you get four spare rotor blades to rebuild in the event of a mid-air (or mid-tree or mid-driveway) collision.

    The Striker Spy HD-Camera Drone is an entry level quadcopter for the budding drone pilot, or a great addition to your existing arsenal. Head to the TechSpot Store and grab one today.

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  2. shoot up to 30 minutes of sharp aerial footage
    • Flight time: 10-12 minutes
  3. NSiddhu

    NSiddhu TS Rookie

    There was a similar article on Skeye drone, I hope the stock got sold over to the interested TECHSPOT users. I was one of them from India, I got a opened and used pack of the drone shipped to me. Don't believe in TECHSPOT acknowledging these shady sellers for money.
  4. NSiddhu

    NSiddhu TS Rookie

    And the drone doesn't take flight. There is something wrong with it. My $40+ was lost in the faith I had on Techspot.
  5. Andy Keller

    Andy Keller TS Rookie

    Hey There - I work at the TechSpot Store. So sorry to hear about this! Please contact our support team here and let them know what happened, we will gladly work to get you a replacement unit or refund ASAP: https://vipstack.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  6. Andy Keller

    Andy Keller TS Rookie

    Sorry for the confusion - the internal camera can store up to 30 minutes of footage, but the flight time is 10-12 minutes.

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