Entrepreneurs are often big-picture thinkers, but aren't always well-versed in exactly how their innovative creations will live online. Enter the Coding for Entrepreneurs Course Bundle. For just $39 - 94% off the total value - you can learn exactly how to build that great online idea all by yourself.

Today's visionary business leaders are creating the new Golden Rule: If you want something done right, do it yourself. This 7 course bundle, totalling over 155 hours of content, will get you on your way to realizing your digital business ideas. You can learn many aspects of coding including developing iOS apps, Python, and even 3D printing. You'll also walk through step-by-step instructions on how to build some of today's most popular apps, including an online marketplace and matchmaking website.

In your 155 hours of training, you'll learn:

  • 30 Days of Swift: Learn the Basics & Build an iOS App: Understand Swift, iOS development & Xcode.
  • Getting Started with 3D Printing: Build real objects via 3D modeling.
  • Core: A Web App Reference Guide for Django, Python & More: Your primer on the web's leading technologies
  • Try Django - Learn the No. 1 Python Framework for Web Apps: Launch an ecommerce site.
  • Create an Online Marketplace & Daily Deals Website: Build a working, income-generating site.
  • Python Programming: Build a Matchmaking Website & Geolocator: Create sites for matchmaking and those with similar interests based on location.
  • Coding for Entrepreneurs: Learn Python, Django & More: Bring all your skills together in this programming course for non-tech-heads.

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