Following last week's split with PayPal, e-commerce giant eBay continues to restructure the company by shutting down eBay Now, their same-day delivery service, along with mobile apps eBay Motors, eBay Fashion and eBay Valet.

eBay Now didn't attract enough customers, leading to its immediate cancellation on Monday. eBay Fashion and eBay Motors, mobile apps for buying clothing or cars, were also cancelled because of low popularity. Valet, a service which sells items on eBay for you, will keep operating, but its mobile app will be discontinued.

Debuting in 2012, eBay Now provided same-day delivery in major cities like San Francisco and New York. However, the auction site discovered its customers weren't regularly using the delivery service, which ultimately made eBay Now a waste of resources. If you need a product immediately, eBay continues to offer in-store pickup at retailers such as Best Buy and Toys R Us.

We can expect eBay Motors to be shelved later in the year and eBay Fashion to be decommissioned in weeks. The main eBay app will then adopt the features of both apps before the year's end. The removal of the eBay Valet app comes shortly after their acquisition of Twice, an e-commerce site valued at $23 million which sells secondhand women's clothing. Last week, Twice said they'd be joining eBay to work on the company's Valet service.