An enthusiast overclocker over on the HWBot forums has managed to push an AMD Radeon R9 Fury graphics card to its absolute limits thanks to liquid nitrogen cooling and a collection of hardware and software mods.

The user by the name of Xtreme Addict started out with an Asus Radeon R9 Fury Strix, featuring a cut-down version of the fully-enabled Fiji GPU seen on R9 Fury X cards. He then used previously reported tools to unlock the Fury's disabled compute units, essentially turning the card into a Fury X with a full 4096 shader cores.

To push the R9 Fury to its limits, the user first needed to perform a series of hardware voltage mods that, judging by the photos of the finished product, definitely aren't for the faint-hearted. He then slapped on a liquid nitrogen cooler, flashed a BIOS that allowed extreme overclocking, and got to work.

Xtreme Addict managed to push the card from a stock core clock of 1000 MHz all the way up to 1450 MHz, which is an impressive 45% increase in clock speeds. What's even more impressive is how far he managed to push the card's High Bandwidth Memory (HBM), achieving a final memory clock of 1000 MHz, which is double the HBM's stock 500 MHz clock.

With the card sitting at these insane clock speeds, cooled with liquid nitrogen, a score of 10,033 was recorded in 3DMark's Fire Strike Extreme benchmark. Considering the card posted a score of 6,237 at stock speeds, this represents a whopping 61% increase in performance.

A full guide detailing how to achieve this sort of performance from an R9 Fury is available over on the HWBot forums, although the process is quite lengthy and isn't recommended for anyone but the most hardcore of overclockers.