Have you recently upgraded to Windows 10 but hate the new and 'improved' Start menu? Stardock, a company known for its Windows-skinning software, might just have the tool for you...

Start10 is the latest utility from Stardock that ditches the new Windows 10 Start menu in favor of a custom version that closely mimics the look and feel of the Windows 7. Live Tiles are completely removed from this Start menu alternative, and the large search bar previously found in the taskbar returns to a familiar, less space consuming position.

All the functionality that you're used to from Windows 7 can be added in to the Start10 Start menu, such as the folder-style hierarchy for applications, quick shortcuts to sections of Explorer like Documents and This PC, and familiar pinned apps.

Start10 can be customized to look exactly like the Windows 7 Start menu, or you can add in some Modern flare such as solid colors that match your Windows 10 highlight color. Advanced configuration options allows you to configure the Start menu's functionality to exactly how you like it.

If you're desperate to rid yourself of the Windows 10 Start menu and return to the good old days of Windows 7, Start10 is available now for $4.99.