Home automation is still perceived as a budding market despite the fact that solutions have been around for years. And by years, I mean at least 30 years which is when the home automation system in this video from YouTuber Avboden was released.

Once you’ve managed to look past the green and black color scheme, it becomes apparent that this 1985 home automation system from Monaco Enterprises (their website is equally as old) is extremely robust. From the main directory, you can adjust temperatures complete with scheduling, control lighting and appliances and control the security system - all via touchscreen.

As Gizmodo points out, it’s a bit depressing when you realize how little progress has been made in the field of home automation over the past three decades. It also highlights just how fragmented modern-day home automation really is and makes you wonder how many separate products would be needed today just to match the capabilities of this dinosaur of a system.

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