A new app called VHS Camcorder transforms your mobile device into a bona fide over-the-shoulder camcorder from the '80s. If you're like me, you're probably wondering why anyone would want to intentionally degrade the quality of video shot on an HD / 4K capable smartphone.

On second thought, millions of people essentially do the same thing every day with those terrible Instagram filters so it's not all that surprising.

VHS Camcorder has pretty much everything you expect. It simulates the poor quality of video tapes complete with static, tracking distortion and even low quality audio. The app also adds the iconic date and time stamp graphic, allowing users to adjust it as they see fit (or to try and trick friends and family). And if the image quality isn't bad enough, you can make it worse by dragging a finger around the screen or by tilting the device.

Video and audio quality aside, the app is rather modern as it includes a clip viewer for easy playback, deleting and sharing of clips. Users also have the ability to select between 24, 25 or 30 frames per second while recording.

VHS Camcorder is available as of writing for iOS devices. Developer Rarevision is charging $3.99 for the opportunity which may be a bit more than some are willing to fork over for a retro camera app. The company is working on a version for Android although there's no indication of when it'll arrive.