Google has announced an update to Android Wear that brings support for interactive watch faces, which expands upon the existing functionality of watch faces by integrating extra information and buttons right on the home screen.

Bits is one such watch face that takes advantage of the new Android Wear functionality. This watch face shows a range of information on the home screen by default, including the current weather, the date, how many unread messages you have, and how many steps you've currently walked. Tapping on any of these pieces of information reveals additional data that may be useful.

Previously developers could only produce static watch faces, usually that just showed the time. But in this new update, potentially known as Android Wear 1.3, developers have much greater freedom over how the watch face displays info and interacts with the user.

The update is rolling out to all Android Wear devices over the next few weeks. LG G Watch R owners get an additional feature with their update, Wi-Fi support, that was previously available with other Android Wear smartwatches.

Android Wear owners should also check out a new app that's hit the Play Store today: Google Translator. The app allows you to translate between languages via voice directly on your wrist, which could come in handy for those that travel to foreign nations on a regular basis.