Earlier this year Adobe announced the end of its mobile app, Photoshop Touch, and hinted at a future replacement. News of a project named "Project Rigel" surfaced a little while later with an iffy availability date of late 2015.

Recently, CNet reported that we'll most likely see Adobe's new mobile option this October. The app will be high end, when it comes to photo retouching by phone, and come in the form of a free iOS editing app. Reportedly it will look a lot like the desktop software people are already familiar with, but with a UI designed to be touchscreen friendly.

Details are still sparse – Will the app actually be named Rigel? Will actor Rob Riggle be the face of the app? – but CNet says the app will make its debut at Adobe's Max conference in October. For anyone who has used the desktop version, imagining all of the tools redesigned to be controlled with a fingertip rather than a mouse is headache inducing. Thankfully, Adobe has that job.

Project Rigel is the latest of a few attempts by Adobe to build a base of smartphone and tablet Photoshop users. The discontinued Photoshop Touch and the still available Photoshop Express (pictured above) are two others. Lightroom for mobile is also available, but the iOS and Android app is hardly a standalone option for photographers on the go. Hilarious name included, Project Rigel might be Adobe's best mobile offering yet, but we'll have to wait at least until October to find out.