Former Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski recently revealed new details regarding what will be the first game from his 40-person studio, Boss Key. Accompanying the announcement was a CG and live-action trailer which coincidentally, is the type he dissed when talking about the game a year ago.

Fast-forward a couple of days and we now have a proper gameplay trailer to enjoy.

LawBreakers is a five-on-five multiplayer first-person shooter set in the year 2105 following a catastrophic lunar event called The Shattering that caused the moon to split. This resulted in a massive earthquake that disrupted the gravity on Earth. Nevertheless, humanity pushed forward.

Things were fine... "then came the gangs."

Cartels from around the world joined forces to create the Breakers, a group that use gravity manipulation and supplements to obtain near-superhuman abilities. The Breakers eventually found their way to US soil at which point police - Law - across the country unified to keep the peace.

The resemblance to Unreal Tournament is uncanny (specifically, the low-gravity Morpheus stage) although there do appear to be different classes of characters to choose from, each with their own skill set. The Unreal Tournament inspiration shouldn't be a surprise considering Bleszinski's 20-year stint with Epic.

No word yet on exactly when the game will drop outside of a broad 2016 launch window.