Microsoft is expected to launch a major update to Windows 10, known as Threshold Wave 2, sometime in November, bringing a collection of new features and non-bug-fix updates to the operating system.

Leaked images from Windows 10 builds currently being tested by Microsoft reveal some of the visual updates the company is planning for Wave 2. The updates and tweaks aren't anything major at this stage, but it shows that Microsoft want to make Windows 10's style more cohesive, removing legacy elements from previous versions and ensuring a consistent experience across the board.

One of the changes the screenshots show is a new set of icons that apply throughout the operating system, finally replacing all of the old icons that have been used since Windows 7. It's not a big change, but it makes Windows 10 look and feel more modern.

The update will also bring pleasant opening and closing animations to Windows Store apps; previously these animations only applied to x86 desktop apps, which resulted in a somewhat disjointed experience. A new right-click context menu will be implemented as well, using a design very similar to that seen in the latest Insider Preview build.

Threshold Wave 2 is also expected to bring feature updates to Windows 10, although it's not clear what these new features will be. We're still expecting Microsoft to update their Edge browser with extension support later this year, so that's one feature we'll likely see in Wave 2, among others.