For the past decade, Ruby on Rails has been a go-to programming framework for those looking to build a better web app. In short, Ruby on Rails makes creating dynamic, innovative app experiences that are much easier to pull off.

If you've never dabbled with Ruby's power, this all-inclusive Ruby on Rails Rookie-to-Rockstar Bundle, now just $49 in the TechSpot Store, does just that - takes you from Ruby rookie to all-around programming rockstar, capable of creating any app your imagination can dream up.

You'll get:

The Startup's Guide to Web Development with Ruby On Rails Course: All the basics you need to get rolling with Ruby.

  • Ruby On Rails for Beginners: Learn Ruby fundamentals like objects, classes, strings, numerics and control structures.
  • Learn Ruby On Rails from Scratch Course: Understand the underlying concepts of Ruby to get your apps off the ground.
  • Advanced Ruby Programming: 10 Steps to Mastery Course: Step to advanced maneuvers like encapsulation, data hiding, threads, modules, file handling and more.
  • Create & Deploy A Web App In 3-Hours Course: Can you get a Ruby on Rails web app up and running in just three hours? After this course, you will...
  • 'Become a Heroku Rails Ninja' Course: Create cutting edge Ruby apps on the amazing Heroku cloud platform.

All that for 92% off its regular price. It's too great a deal not to grab it right now.