Things on Periscope are looking a bit different. That's because the Twitter-owned app introduced a new “landscape” mode for Android, iOS and the Web today, straying from their original portrait-only broadcasting style. This new feature encourages users to decide which mode fits their live-stream best, and allows people to watch videos shot sideways without straining their neck.

In a blog post, the company said that yes, they are “fans of portrait video” but acknowledged that there are times when shooting in landscape makes more sense. This update comes after listening to their community who were outspoken about wanting a landscape mode, and is part of their “approach to ensure a seamless experience across all of our platforms.”

Periscope launched in March, and in their first four months accumulated over 10 million user accounts, but that’s not enough. The landscape update is just part of their continued efforts to attract more users with new features.

Also announced today, users can identify who shared a broadcast with them, and share a private broadcast with selected followers. And they’ve made “large steps” toward a more accessible experience for visually impaired users, although they didn’t specify what the steps entail.