Google is preparing to launch a completely reimagined Chromecast that appears to do away with the familiar dongle form factor.

9to5Google recently got their hands on some internal documents detailing the changes. In typical leak fashion, the images aren't very clear which in this case, makes it extremely difficult to determine exactly what we're looking at.

Puzzling images aside, the crew has also heard that improved Wi-Fi is in the cards (802.11ac, anyone?). The current Chromecast supports 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi.

We're also hearing that the new Chromecast will allow for content feeds on the home screen. Details weren't provided although odds are, this probably refers to social media or image feeds of your choosing. Another new feature, Fast Play, could expedite the process of watching content.

Something else new is Chromecast Audio. Based on the leaked documents, this feature could allow users to plug Chromecast into any speaker using an auxiliary cord. It's also said to have multi-room support meaning you could stream your high-quality audio from a phone or tablet to your home entertainment system.

Google is reportedly planning to unveil the new Chromecast at a media event on September 29 where it will also announce Chromecast support for Spotify. We're also expecting the search giant to unveil a pair of new Nexus handsets at the show, built in collaboration with LG and Huawei.