The first-generation Microsoft Band was an interesting wearable, but due to deficiencies in design it didn't pass the comfort test for many of the people who bought and reviewed the device. Naturally Microsoft is looking to address these complaints through a second-gen model, with renders of said wearable leaking online over the weekend.

Judging by the renders, the Microsoft Band 2 is a much more rounded device, featuring a curved display and a body that will more comfortably fit on a wrist. The Band 2's strap appears to be made from rubberized plastic, while metal and glass seems to have been used for the device itself.

One of the big changes in design is the reported shift of the battery from the sides of the wearable to under the display. This will make the Band 2 more flexible and less bulky, which should hopefully make the device feel better to wear and exercise with.

Not much is known about the Band 2's hardware, although it will reportedly feature more sensors than the original model. Considering the first-gen variant came with a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, GPS, galvanic skin response sensor, UV sensor, skin temperature sensor and more, the second-gen model will be even more kitted out.

Microsoft has planned a big hardware event for October 6th, which is where we should see the Band 2 officially unveiled alongside a Surface Pro 4 and new Lumia devices.