Not content to tackle the virtual space solely with HoloLens, Microsoft is reportedly working on a virtual reality kit that'll compete directly with Google Cardboard.

The image you see above was lifted (and poorly translated) from a website to promote an upcoming hackathon in Russia. The Microsoft VR Kit appears to work just like Google Cardboard and other smartphone-based virtual reality solutions; in this case, of course, it'll rely on Lumia handsets to power the visuals.

A post on Paul Thurrott's blog notes the event kicks off on October 17 and that developers will be given kits so they can continue to work on their projects (presumably after the hackathon). There will be three main categories for devs to compete in: corporate, games and education. Microsoft will choose a winner from each category at the conclusion of the event.

The bigger story here isn't the hackathon itself but Microsoft's apparent interest in virtual reality. It's unclear how serious this effort might be, especially considering they're taking the cardboard route versus a true consumer device like Samsung's Gear VR.

What's your take on the matter? Do you think Microsoft should continue to focus exclusively on HoloLens or is it worthwhile to explore "true" virtual reality? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.