Samsung VP of Mobile, Peter Koo, announced a new consumer version of his company's Gear VR headset during the Oculus Connect 2 developer conference earlier today in Los Angeles.

The new Gear VR is 22 percent lighter than its predecessor which should make it a bit more comfortable when strapped to your noggin. Samsung has also improved the touchpad on the side of the visor, adding a directional pad that'll make it easier to know exactly which part you're touching.

Unlike the earlier model that was only compatible with a few devices, the new Gear VR will work with Samsung's entirely 2015 smartphone lineup including the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Note 5.

Samsung announced the original Gear VR headset a year ago as the Gear VR Innovator Edition. The device was built in collaboration with Oculus VR, the company responsible for jumpstarting the modern virtual reality movement.

Neither the Innovator Edition nor the new Gear VR are as versatile as the Oculus Rift but then again, they're much more affordable and are already making virtual reality content available to consumers. The consumer-ready Oculus Rift isn't expected until early next year and must be tethered to a powerful PC to operate.

Samsung's new Gear VR is set to arrive in time for Black Friday in the US priced at $99 before making its way to other markets soon after.