Google Play Music users can now sign up for a new family plan and stop accidentally listening to someone else's weird music. Google announced at the Nexus event that for the price of $14.99 you can get six different profiles so that each member of the family gets music recommendations based on their individual taste.

If the price point seems familiar that's because it's the same, exactly, as the Apple Music family plan which also works for up to six people.

That said, with Google Play Music you get more device options. Google's offering is available in 58 countries for Android and iOS. Users can also stream songs using web browsers, a Chromecast, Android TVs and more. Apple Music on the other hand only works on Apple devices at this point, although an Android version is known to be in the works.

Many people are already using Spotify, so why not use their family plan? It's actually more of a family discount: Users can get 50 percent off additional accounts for family members. At Spotify, $14.99 only gets you two accounts, it's almost $35 for six accounts.

Google may be playing catch up to other music streaming services but with a competitive price point and many streaming options, they are primed to be a valid choice.