Whether you’re buying for loved ones or splurging on yourself, Black Friday is often your best bet if you’re looking to score a deep discount on a major purchase like a television or new mobile device. That, of course, is assuming you can tolerate the chaos that's come to be associated with one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

The madness has gotten a bit out of hand over the past several years and I’m not just talking about shoppers. Fierce competition – or what others would simply describe as greed – has prompted many retailers to open their doors to frenzied shoppers a day early on Thanksgiving.

So much for having time to digest that turkey you had for lunch.

The tactic, which forces retail employees to cut their holiday short, has provoked the ire of shoppers and select retailers alike. Last year, a trend emerged in which some retailers elected to remain closed on Thanksgiving Day so potential shoppers and staffers alike could enjoy their time off with family.

Black Friday is still more than six weeks away yet already, it appears as though that movement may continue.

GameStop has announced it will remain closed on Thanksgiving Day and open its doors the following morning at 5 a.m. That’s in stark contrast to last year when the company opened promptly at midnight on Black Friday. Office supply chain Staples is doing the same, closing for the duration of Thanksgiving and opening on Friday at 6 a.m. Last year, Staples opened for business at 6 p.m. on turkey day – two hours earlier than it did the year before.

I suspect several other retailers will join the “closed on Thanksgiving Day” bandwagon over the coming weeks. In addition to not having to staff its stores, retailers can use the stance to blast the competition via marketing. It may hurt their bottom line a bit but they'll survive.

What’s your stance on retailers that open a day early and Black Friday in general? Do you participate in the retail madness at all? Are doorbusters worth your time? I’m always open to a sweet deal yet at the same time, I have a deep-seated aversion to hoards of shoppers that will stop at nothing to save a few bucks. As such, my preferred method of deal shopping happens online starting on Black Friday and again on Cyber Monday.

GameStop image courtesy Daniel Acker, Getty Images