Say what you will about our current micro computing craze, you can't deny it's kicked the DIY computing movement to another level. Tinkerers have access to a wave of powerful open-source, low-cost micro-boards that, with a little hardware/programming knowledge coupled with some ingenuity, can be used to do some amazing things – at prices just as microscopic as the components.

Case in point: the VoCore mini Linux computer - now available for just $39 in the TechSpot Store - is a quarter-sized, wifi-enabled computer renowned for its versatility and low power needs.

Measuring less than one square inch (25mm x 25mm), the VoCore still packs a wallop, sporting a 32MB SDRAM, 8MB SPI flash memory and an RT5350 (360MHz) engine at its core. But with its included dock, you're also ready to roll out 10/100M Ethernet, which can essentially turn the VoCore into, among other things, a nifty, super-portable VPN router.

But why stop there? The VoCore has plenty of tricks up its tiny sleeve, including the ability to make a printer, scanner or hard drive wireless, control a wireless speaker system or run a variety of mini-robotics projects.

With the dock's Ethernet and USB ports working out of the box, the VoCore's uses are only limited by your imagination. Get inventive and pick one up for only $39 right now.