You can expect "non-smart" TVs to feel a little more inadequate starting next week: The new Apple TV (and tvOS) is coming. In preparation for this, Apple is now accepting app and game submissions from developers. They provide guidelines so the apps and games conform to important Apple TV features such as the touch-sensitive remote, and, since it is Apple we're talking about, they give picky details about how the app icon needs to look as well.

Each submission may contain as much as 200 MB in the main bundle, and another up to 20 GB of on-demand resources. Apple reminds those working on a game or app that the tvOS products can't link against frameworks or libraries built for iOS. The company also posted an App Programming Guide for tvOS and tvOS beta FAQs.

Developers have the option to make their app part of a universal bundle with iPhone or iPad counterparts. The Verge reports that shipments of the Apple TV are expected to start arriving by the end of the next week, so Apple didn't give much extra time to those getting apps ready for their TV debut.

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