If you're going to be an IT specialist, knowing your way around Cisco Systems hardware and networks isn't a bad place to start. In fact, noted human resources firm Robert Half found that IT specialization was not only among the most in-demand skills sought by employers today, but Cisco network administration skills in particular added approximately 9 percent to a tech professional's salary.

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  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing and Switching: Become a certified Cisco network engineer, specialist or administrator as you learn how to configure and run a fully-routed and switched network. Understand IP, OSPF and ACLs, configure IPv4 and IPv6, secure a VPN and more with this all-inclusive course.
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switching: Learn how to find solutions to often complex network problems. You'll implement Cisco IP Routing & Cisco IP Switching and start living and breathing all the virtual networking tools at your disposal.

This training would usually run over $1,000, but you can get it at a fraction of that cost in the TechSpot Store.