Apple has confirmed what we've known all along - Beats Music will soon be shutting its doors. The acknowledgment came via a support document published on Thursday.

In it, Apple's Dale Bagwell explained that existing Beats Music subscriptions will be cancelled although users have the option to move their picks and preferences over to Apple Music. The executive added that Apple Music offers better recommendations based on music you've already listened to, a 24/7 global radio station in Beats 1, exciting material from your favorite artists and more.

The move comes less than six months after the Cupertino-based company launched its own streaming music service. Apple Music launched on June 30 as part of iOS 8.4 and unlike other services such as Spotify or the new YouTube Music, there's no free ad-supported option. Instead, subscribers pay $9.99 per month (or $14.99 for a family plan that allows for up to six simultaneous listeners) for access to the service.

Anyone wondering why it took so long for Apple to discontinue Beats Music needn't look any further than Android. When Apple Music arrived, it did so exclusively on iOS. It wasn't until earlier this week that Apple launched a version of Apple Music for Android (albeit in beta). Android users still get the same three-month free trial that Apple affords iOS users although there are some key features absent in the beta (like music videos).

Beats Music ends on November 30.