Microsoft announced big updates for OneNote across the supported iOS, Android, Windows, and OneNote Online (web) platforms. The company detailed specific refinements for each platform as follows.


On the iPhone and iPad, users are given a feature Windows has maintained for quite some time now: the ability to add audio recordings to your notes. For students who want to record class lectures for future reference or simply keep their audible memories safe alongside some abbreviated text notes, this is a convenient amendment to an already robust piece of software.

Additionally, if you're an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus owner, a 3D Touch shortcut has been added, allowing you to compose new notes more expeditiously.


On Google's open source mobile OS, badges can now be used with OneNote, similar to the Facebook Messenger badge that invariably floats around your display while in use. After being launched from the notification area, the OneNote badge is instinctively launched, making it easier to use other apps while simultaneously taking notes. Badge support, Microsoft says, may take up to three weeks since the update is being distributed in waves.


With OneNote 2016, you can now embed into your notes virtually any video found on YouTube, Vimeo, or Office Mix. While initially limited, Microsoft promises more sources for video content will be added in time. As of now, video embedding is present in Office 365 Home and Personal, though it's set to hit OneNote Online, Windows 10, Mac, iOS, and Android within the next few months.

OneNote Online

In the OneNote Online client, you can finally attach files to your notes. This is useful for obvious reasons, as much of the info jotted down may be associated with a specific image or document.