Domino's UK has just launched a product that makes it exceptionally easy to order pizza to your doorstep. With a single press of 'The Easy Order' button, your favorite pizza will be ordered without any further interaction, and delivered to you immediately.

The Easy Order comes as both a virtual and a physical button, the latter of which is provided by Flic and pairs with your smartphone over Bluetooth. Flic's buttons can normally be programmed to do whatever you like, but Domino's has purposed their technology for this promotion to one-click order pizza with ease.

The physical Easy Order button is essentially a hardware control for the virtual button that resides within Domino's smartphone app. Whether you press the physical or virtual Easy Order button, your smartphone will automatically place an order for whatever pizza you've designated is your favorite. If you've pressed the physical button, it will glow red to let you know an order has been received.

Unfortunately the first wave of physical Easy Order buttons will only be given away to "superfans" through a "socially led" competition in December. A second wave should appear in February 2016, although it's not clear whether Domino's will actually let you purchase one.

The Easy Order button is also only available for those in the United Kingdom (for now, at least). If you're in the USA and want to easily order pizza to your doorstep, Domino's offers other crazy ordering methods, such as tweeting at them using emoji.