The FAA estimates that as many as one million new drones could be taking to the skies by Christmas. With a mandatory registration process pending, however, the future of consumer drones is more or less etched in sand. On the commercial side, meanwhile, business looks promising and DJI wants in on the action.

The Chinese drone maker's latest creation, the Agras MG-1, is a task-oriented aerial drone designed specifically for the agriculture industry. The eight-rotor drone packs a 2.6-gallon spray tank that farmers can use to spray pesticides on crops.

DJI told The Wall Street Journal that the drone has a typical takeoff weight of 49 pounds and can remain in flight for about 12 minutes per charge. The publication said the Argas MG-1 can spray pesticide on seven to 10 acres of land per hour - the variance due to how often it needs to ascend, descend or turn to follow the terrain.

While a typical consumer-minded drone from DJI can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, the company plans to charge much more for this dust-proof, water resistant machine built from anti-corrosive materials. According to the Journal, it'll be priced at roughly $15,000.

The farmer-friendly drone will first go on sale in China and South Korea before expanding to other markets at a later date.