Artists have the unique ability to transform their thoughts into illustrations that can be shared with others. Outside of stick figures or other basic sketches, however, the rest of us must rely on alternate outlets to channel our creative expressions.

Fortunately, technology is here to lend a helping hand.

WordsEye is a beta web app that takes natural language text and converts it into a 3D image. Or in other words, you simply describe the image in your mind and the app does its best to recreate it on your behalf.

WordsEye understands descriptive text including quantities, positioning, color, size and more. The app is of course limited by the models in its database and the vocabulary it understands yet even in its early form, WordsEye is plenty capable. Users are also invited to upload their own images to add a personal touch to their digital masterpieces.

Gary Zamchick, CEO of WordsEye, said the idea for the app came from the fact that 3D artists can create almost anything they can imagine and the rest of us are cut off from that experience. He added that users can create art and cartoons, express visual opinions and sentiments and have fun bantering with images both on-site and over social media.

Enabling a new form of creative expression is the company's primary goal, Zamchick concluded, but they also see strong applications in education, mobile messaging, VR and gaming.

As of writing, WordsEye is in closed beta and thus requires an access code to create an account to use it. We're told that Android and iOS apps are in the works in addition to the web application although there's no launch date set in stone.