Digiday reports that Snapchat has given publishing partners on Snapchat Discover the ability to share links to their content on Facebook and Twitter. Discover is Snapchat’s network of 16 media partners in the U.S. that provides content for all Snapchat users to view and share.

Since Snapchat is still only a mobile app, when the links are viewed on desktops or laptops, they will appear as QR codes that take you to the app when you scan them with your smartphone. If you don’t have Snapchat, scanning the QR code or clicking the link will prompt you to download the app.

This is a feature called “deep linking” that has been popping up across mobile apps for some time now. Now that Snapchat is allowing the feature for Discover profiles, the opportunity for social growth and insight is huge. Now these posts can be linked to directly and liked, commented on and retweeted. This will give publishers more feedback on their posts – on Snapchat they can only see the view count, who took a screenshot and who shared the snap.

Yesterday’s update also comes with some minor improvements to Discover. Some former partners have left, such as Yahoo and Warner Music, but replacements have flocked in. iHeartMedia, BuzzFeed and Vox are some of the newer additions to Discover.

Image Credit: 360b / Shutterstock.com