Flash has got to go. That's not the first time you've heard that here. But an announcement from Adobe makes it seem like they're on board with us (and the rest of the internet), too. ZDNet reports that Adobe has renamed Flash Professional to Adobe Animate CC.

Adobe says that over a third of all content created in Flash Professional today uses HTML5, and this new name reflects that shift. Adobe Animate CC will still support Flash output, but there are many other video and animation formats such as 4K, HTML5 canvas and WebGL output to use instead.

Flash Professional has supported HTML5 canvas and WebGL for years, so the rename doesn't bring a huge change. But the newest version does include some noteworthy new features, including vector-based art brushes, easier audio syncing, support for more video formats and better integration with other Creative Cloud apps.

Now it's up to people using Animate CC to stay away from Flash. What was once a valuable tool has been denounced by pretty much everyone (Apple, YouTube, Twitch, Mozilla, Amazon, Google, Facebook, to name a few). That said, many websites and apps still rely on Flash to power games and video. Maybe now that even Adobe is moving on and accepting Flash's demise others will follow suit and the pesky app will go away for good.