It's been nearly a year and a half since Google acquired free streaming music and recommendation service Songza. At the time, the search giant said there were no immediate changes in the pipeline and that the service would continue to function as usual.

Google kept its promise, leaving Songza alive and well as the Mountain View-based company worked to roll select features like Concierge and hand-curated playlists into Google Play Music. With that task nearly complete, the two services have now reached feature parity meaning there's no longer a reason to keep Songza up and running.

In an e-mail sent to subscribers on Wednesday, Songza said it's now time to focus on a single, cohesive product. As a result, Songza will officially be folded into Google Play Music at which time users will lose access to and the Songza mobile apps.

In the near future, current Songza users will be greeted with a prompt with instructions on how to port over listening history and playlists to Google Play Music. The team is quick to point out that all of Songza's features in Google Play Music are absolutely free and don't require a credit card.

In related news, Google also announced that the free Play tier it launched this past June is coming to Canada and that its six-member family plan would be launching very soon.