"Hoverboards" are one of the hottest toys this holiday season and I mean that quite literally. If you've paid attention to the news over the last several weeks, you've no doubt seen multiple reports of fires related to the trendy two-wheeled electric scooters.

Last week, major airlines including American, Delta and United banned the devices over concerns that they might explode at high altitudes. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, meanwhile, is currently investigating at least 10 incidents.

Overstock.com pulled boards from its website last week and now, it would appear as though Amazon is doing the same.

Swagway, makers of one popular hoverboard, told The Verge that Amazon recently sent out a notice to all hoverboard sellers. In it, Amazon requests documentation showing their products are compliant with applicable safety standards. The company said it already meets all of the required safety standards and is happy to see Amazon taking action to weed out low quality boards.

As of writing, I only see two brands - Jetson and Razor - currently offered on Amazon. According to Swagway, Amazon has removed 97 percent of boards from its site (although curiously enough, I don't see any products from Swagway either).

Fire-related safety concerns aside, the misleadingly-named hoverboards are featured in several "fail" compilations on YouTube. Rather than hop off the device when losing their balance, most riders try to recover and end up wiping out. Naturally, hardly anybody wears safety gear while riding.

Lead image courtesy Mashable