Nintendo has a brand new Super Mario Maker update in the works that'll make searching for levels a whole lot easier.

Nintendo will launch a web portal called Super Mario Maker Bookmark that gives gamers three ways to search for levels from a PC or mobile device. Recommended Courses, as you'd expect, will be populated with a randomly selected list of recommended courses. There's also the option to search for levels based on rankings.

Perhaps the most powerful new method, however, is the filter-based course search which facilitates discovery using a number of criteria including theme, region, difficulty, upload date, game style and more.

The best part about Super Mario Maker Bookmark is the fact that levels you queue up will be ready and waiting once you get back on the Wii U. You'll need to sign in using your Nintendo Network ID but otherwise, the process is pretty simple.

The December 21 update will also include a handful of new elements and building tools including P Warp Doors, a Fire Koopa Clown Car, a Bumper and a list of world records on each page showcasing the player that has the fastest completion time. You'll also be able to see other stats like which user was the first to clear the stage.