We all know simple password protection is vital but when every site requires compliance with its own password rules (or even demands you change passwords on a regular basis), you end up juggling dozens of different logins and passwords that you're bound to start forgetting.

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PCMag made Sticky Password an Editors' Choice, trumpeting SP as an excellent choice that "does everything you'd expect from a password manager and more." All you have to do is remember one master password while Sticky Password does the rest. Sticky creates its own ultra-strong, encrypted passwords for any website or application you visit or use, then automatically logs you into those sites or apps so you never have to fill in a username or password again. Unlike many other password managers, Sticky also handles unconventional or two-step logins with ease.

Best of all, Sticky Password syncs your data automatically across all your Windows, Android, and iOS devices, giving you full access seamlessly through any of your computers, tablets or smartphones. You can even set it up to grant access via biometric authentication from Bluetooth-enabled devices with that feature.

Streamline your password nightmare and secure your logins forever with this lifetime subscription at $24.99, a fraction of its normal $100 price.